Community Housing Fund

The Community Housing Fund is a new national scheme. Central government has provided money to East Riding of Yorkshire Council to help provide affordable housing in rural communities. Its purpose is to help people who live in the community but who can’t afford to buy; people who have moved away but can’t afford to come back and people who work locally but can’t afford to live near where they work. These may be young people, disabled people or older people.

There could be a whole range of different properties, depending on the needs of the community. Usually there are between 1 and 10 properties. The community would have a lot of say in the location, design and layout of the site. They would need to create a social enterprise group, which would go on to own the properties and be responsible for maintaining them in perpetuity.

The starting process would be to apply for a grant of up to £4,000. This can be used to get the social enterprise group up and running, do the consultation work and training and go and visit a site which has already completed a project under the Community Housing Fund scheme.

Grants of up to £40,000 are available for the feasibility stage where the social enterprise group consults with designers and planners

The final stage would consist of buying the land and putting the buildings up. 35% of the total cost would be provided in grant money from the Community Housing Fund. The community group would have to fund raise for the rest, though this may not be as hard as it may sound. There are many funding providers out there that can be approached.

There are different ways of achieving the end objective, with the community group doing more of the work itself or working alongside different more experienced organisations. Here are two example case studies to show what can be achieved.

Keswick case Study 2

SCATA Stocksfeld Case Study

If you are interested in helping with a project to provide affordable housing in Newbald, please get in touch with the Clerk on or 01430 828919.