Newbald Parish Councillors

Newbald Parish Council – Chairman


Gavin Steward, Burgate Farm, Burgate, North Newbald (01430) 801174,

Newbald Parish Council – Vice Chairman

Beccy small

Beccy O’Sullivan, 7 Eastwold, North Newbald (01430) 827175,

Newbald Parish Councillors

John Barrett, Eastwold Cottage, Eastwold, North Newbald  (01430) 827662,

Michael Bushby, The Vicarage, 7 Dot Hill Close North Newbald, York, YO43 4TS, 07483860074,

Becky Clarke, The White House, The Green, North Newbald,

Simon Dongray-Burke, 11 Dot Hill Close, North Newbald, (01430) 828568,

John Howard, 32 Eastgate, North Newbald (01430) 828932,

Geoff Lewis, 17 Monckton Rise, South Newbald, YO43 4RX, (01430) 801128,

Sarah Milner, The Cottage South Newbald Road, North Newbald, YO43 4SX, (01430) 827961,

Bev Smith, 16 Ings Drive, North Newbald (01430) 827153,

Clerk To Newbald Parish Council
Suzanne Smith, (01423) 543985

To see Councillors’ Register of Interests, please follow this link