Group Opposing Sancton Hill Wind Farm Proposed Extension


Great news! REG have confirmed they are not progressing Sancton 2 to the planning application stage. Of course they, or some other developer, could decide to apply sometime in the future but this is highly unlikely in the current political climate.

The objections raised by Sancton residents have been listened to and our voices together with those from all the other action groups have helped shape the government’s policies towards wind farms. As a result wind farms will only be built where local people want them. Bad news for REG – great news for Sancton.

We plan to celebrate the good news at our next (and hopefully, final) meeting on Thursday 2nd July. I hope you can join us as we raise a glass to mark the end of this particular battle to keep Sancton free of any more wind turbines. As usual we are meeting at 7pm in the village hall.

Here is the latest and last newsletter

This group has been set up in Sancton to oppose the proposed extension to Sancton Wind Farm. The objectives of the group are available here. Members of the public are very welcome to come along to the meetings and/or join the group.

The main contact for the group is Mike Padgett on 07875628636 or .

Meetings are on the last Thursday of every month at 7pm in Sancton Village Hall.

Please take a look at our newsletters (see links below) to find out what we are actively doing to fight this development and how you can help.

Also you can read our very comprehensive list of questions and answers about the proposed Sancton Wind Farm extension and wind turbines in general here.

We need individuals to be ready to write letters of objection to East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) when the application is submitted, which could be very soon. If you think that ‘Enough is Enough’, then PLEASE take the time to do this and ask your friends and relatives to do so too. We will provide you with a leaflet to help you with this process as soon as the application has been received by ERYC. 

Newsletter 2 – May 2015

Newsletter 1

Note: If you have not yet taken part in the survey to gauge your opinion on the proposed wind farm extension, please do so here, it will only take a couple of minutes (adults only please).