Neighbourhood Watch Alert

Neighbourhood Watch Alert:

Warning from the Lifeline Team: If this has happened or happens to you or someone you know call the police. This happened in Hornsea but could happen again anywhere across the East Riding.

“At 4.45pm 01.02.18 (yesterday) a woman knocked a the door of and address in Hornsea posing as a lifeline representative. The tenant had her carer with her at the time.

The woman described as white average height, large build, dark shoulder length hair. Wearing a mid length coat and carrying some papers, spoke in a local accent, she said “I would like to speak to you about Lifeline”. She has no ID badge or Council clothing. The tenant was suspicious and said she was having her tea, did not let the woman inside. The woman said she would call back later.

Advised if the woman does call back to say lifeline and the police will be called and not to let her inside”