Newbald Parish Broadband Survey

Newbald Superfast Broadband Survey March 2017

To be completed by residents in the following postcode areas (all of which start YO43): 4SR, 4TW, 4TL, 4SW, 4FF, 4TR, 4SL, 4ST, 4SH and 4TN.

Certain roads and postcode areas in Newbald (detailed above) are currently lying outside of both BT’s  and KCOM’s roll out plans for Superfast Broadband . Essentially they fall between two stools with BT refusing to consider supplying superfast broadband to them because KCOM has expressed an interest in doing so. However KCOM says it needs to carefully assess the business case for supplying these postcode areas as it is not currently their infrastructure serving them.

In order to help KCOM make a decision, we want to create a demand register for Superfast Broadband to encourage them to include these excluded areas. Should KCOM go on to decide against building the necessary infrastructure, we will use the same survey results to encourage BT to consider it.

Please take a few moments to complete the short survey below so that we can build a picture of the demand for broadband in the excluded postcode areas. Unless we prove there is the demand, these postcode areas will be unlikely to have the benefit of superfast broadband a long time to come.

If you are in one of the postcode areas listed above, please complete this survey even if you already took part in our broadband survey in 2015.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

The information you have given will be provided to KCOM and will also be summarised and sent to East Riding of Yorkshire Council to help with the Broadband East Riding project. Should it prove necessary, we will send the survey results to BT and possibly other wireless suppliers of superfast broadband. For further information about the Broadband Eastriding project, please go to