Sober Hill Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

The Sober Hill Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund is an annual £24,600 index linked fund provided to Newbald Parish by the developers of Sober Hill Wind Farm for 25 years. Payments will continue until 2038.

The fund is exclusive to this parish and it seeks to benefit good causes in the village. It is managed by Newbald Parish Council.

The fund has recently granted money to St. Nicholas’ Church, Newbald Young People’s Project, Newbald Playing Field Association, Newbald Primary School and the Village Hall Management Committee. You can download details of all the money that has so far been received into the fund and the grants made.

The next deadline for receipt of applications to the fund is Monday 18th November 2019. 

Here are links to the application form and the guidelines.

If you have any questions relating to the fund, please contact Suzanne on

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