Wind Farms

IMPORTANT UPDATE June 2015 – Extension to Sancton Hill Wind Farm will NOT go ahead

REG have confirmed they are not progressing Sancton 2 to the planning application stage. Of course they, or some other developer, could decide to apply sometime in the future but this is highly unlikely in the current political climate.

May 2015 – Fight to Oppose the Proposed Extension to Santon Hill Wind Farm

The planning application to extend Sancton Hill Wind Farm by up to 11 turbines has still not been received. However it is still very much in the pipeline and we expect it to come in soon.

Newbald Parish Council is strongly opposed to the extension. It feels that, between the Sancton and Sober Hill Wind Farms, there are already enough wind turbines on the hills surrounding our village.

The community survey that we conducted suggested that the vast majority of the village also feel this way, so this gives us the remit to fight this extension.

Please help us campaign against new wind turbines at Sancton Hill by completing this very short survey to let us know your opinion on this specific development. It will only take a minute or two and we can use it as supporting evidence in our case against the extension.

Once the application is received, we will let you know via this website, notices around the village and, time permitting, the newsletter. At that stage we will provide downloadable templates here on the website to help you to object quickly and effectively in writing to East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Demonstrating the extent of local opposition in this way will be the most effective way of campaigning for the planning application to be refused.

Don’t forget there is a group set up in Sancton dedicated to opposing the proposed extension. If you too feel strongly opposed to the development, why not join them? Their contact details are below or you can visit their page on this website.

April 2015 – Sober Hill Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund comes online

Newbald Parish Council has negotiated an annual payment of £24,600 to go into the Sober Hill Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund. The developers were not obliged to give anything, but following discussions, have agreed to this amount. The fund will be managed by Newbald Parish Council and made available for good causes withing the Parish of Newbald.


We have received news of a proposed extension to the Sancton Hill Wind Farm. Newbald Parish Council is strongly opposed to this and will do whatever it can to fight it. Currently no planning application has been submitted, it is at the pre-planning consultation stage. The planning application is scheduled to be submitted in autumn 2014.

A group has been set up in Sancton opposing the proposed extension to Sancton Wind Farm. The objectives of the group are available here. Members of the public are very welcome to come along to the meetings and/or join the group. The main contact for the group is Mike Padgett on 07875628636 or . Meetings are on the last Thursday of every month at 7pm in Sancton Village Hall. Visit their page on this website


In case you missed it, the Sober Hill farm was featured on the BBC’s Countryfile , with the presenter taking a tour of one the Sancton Turbines.

Sancton Hill Wind Farm.

The final Turbine was erected on 8th May 2012 and went live at the end of May 2012.

Sober Hill Wind Farm

Work commenced on site 24th February 2012.
All imported stone/hardcore deliveries were completed end April 2012.
Sub-station & foundations constructed commencing May 2012, each taking 5weeks + 28days curing period
The delivery of Turbines commenced October/November 2012 over a 6week period during which erection was undertaken followed by a three weeks commission.
The project went online at the end of 2012.

Community Benefit Fund

While wind farms may not be everybody’s favourite development, local communities do benefit financially when they are built.  As a result of Sancton wind farm, the local area (including Newbald and Sancton) has received £75,000 worth of funding for worth projects. Charities and organisations have to apply for the money. So far, the Church Rooms and the Village Hall have received some money for development following successful applications. More funding will be made available annually by the developers of both the Sancton and Sober Hill wind farms and we hope that Newbald will benefit significantly.