Information received from Humberside Police:

A local resident had issues with his solar panels looked on Google and searched under “Solar Panel Repairs East Yorkshire”

A company called TESAC was at the top so he called the Hull number 01482-455907 and “luckily “ an engineer was in the area to visit almost immediately.

The male engineer visited the residents home address, although no vehicle was seen. Apparently the engineer had been dropped off by a colleague as his car had a fault. The colleague was apparently round the corner waiting for him.

A quote was provided on a very basic contract -quote, without any addresses or contact details on for £850.00 and informant subsequently wrote a cheque for the amount.

The work was supposed to be done by a company called SIRIUS Ltd.
After 4 weeks he had heard nothing so checks were made on the two companies.

TESAC is apparently based in Bury and is an empty address, which was vacated quite a while ago.

The other company apparently is the address of Gosschalks solicitors in Hull.

Further checks were made on the internet and there were numerous bad reviews about paying and no work being completed.

The resident checked with his bank, who stated that his cheque had been cashed.

It appears that the companies may have been legitimate at one time but have closed and it is fraudsters working off the back of this.