Superfast Broadband Is On The Way


Latest: KCOM has committed to supplying superfast broadband to the roads that have until now been excluded from both KCOM and BT’s rollout. We are waiting for confirmation of the schedule of deployment and will update this page with the details as soon as we hear back from KCOM. 

NPC has been working hard behind the scenes for about 3 years to try and secure superfast broadband for the village.

Almost all of the village now has the option of subscribing to a superfast broadband service. BT has already brought about 150 Newbald properties online. KCOM has been doing the engineering work to offer the properties that it serves the chance to receive superfast broadband. Here is the position as stated by KCOM on 15 January 2017:

“KCOM has now enabled its cabinet serving its existing customers within the Newbald Parish Council (NPC) boundary. This means that those customers now have access to its Lightstream service, which provides access to minimum speeds of 30Mbit/s. This provides a step change in the previous speeds available and as such will provide a significant improvement on the standard broadband service. KCOM also offers businesses an upgrade to its ultrafast Lightstream service, which offers speeds of up to 1Gbit/s. This is a chargeable service that varies based on network build and hence is subject to survey and estimate.

For those customers on our network and within the NPC boundary yet to be upgraded, KCOM will ensure that those customers will have access to baseline broadband services of 30Mbit/s. Those services are planned for deployment no later than the end of this year*. Unfortunately those roads that we previously reported as being excluded from the rollout are still currently out of scope. However, KCOM has kept these under review and is looking at the feasibility of including them. Please visit to find what deals are available for your postcode.”

[*NPC has noted that, according to the postcode checker on the KCOM website, some of KCOM’s current Newbald customers may not be able to receive superfast broadband until 2020 (at the latest)].

Unfortunately some areas Of Newbald have not been lucky enough to be included in either BT or KCOM’s rollout of superfast broadband. KCOM conducted on-site survey in May 2016 to understand the cost and complexity of expanding its network to include the currently excluded roads and is still in the process of making a business decision about them. Until KCOM makes its position clear, BT is not prepared to look into upgrading its supply to these roads to allow for a superfast broadband option. Unfortunately, it would seem that patience is the name of the game here as this could all take some considerable time.

On 14 July 2017, Graham Stuart MP came to Newbald to meet Councillors and residents who are adversely impacted by the situation. A representative from KCOM was also there. The Clerk presented the results of the superfast broadband survey to KCOM which showed that there would be considerable interest among residents in purchasing a superfast broadband package, if only one was available to them. Armed with this new information, KCOM will now either commit to laying the infrastructure to the excluded roads or give up its expression of interest, which will open the doors to other suppliers and/or public funding.

In the morning before his visit, Graham Stuart MP and the Clerk talked on Radio Humberside about the frustration some of our residents have about the lack of availability of superfast broadband. You can listen to a couple of excerpts from Radio Humberside here:

NPC continues to campaign hard for 100% coverage and has also been speaking to suppliers of wireless superfast broadband solutions. If one of them sets up in Newbald, it would provide a superfast broadband solution to those properties not included in the KCOM and BT rollouts and also introduce an element of healthy competition for the rest of the village.