Bread and Milk on Sale in Church

Thanks to Rev. Bushby, you are now able to buy bread and milk in St. Nicholas’ Church, Newbald.

The items that are currently available are as follows:
Green top milk – 75p
Gold top milk – £1
Jackson’s brown bloomers – £1.45
Morrison’s brown loaf – 55p

You will find these items on the table near the main door. Please put the money in the restoration box and if possible, let Rev. Bushby know so that he can purchase more.

You can contact him on 07483 860074 or

The Church is open from 7am to 7pm (8pm come British Summer Time). If anyone is unable to get to the church and needs bread or milk delivering, please contact Rev. Bushby.

Update note from Rev. Bushby:

“The church is open between these hours (7am to 7pm) and if the main door is closed for any reason it is still unlocked. However, if the main door appears to be locked for any reason people should use the side door into the south transept that is open from early morning until late at night. A parishioner has kindly donated a fridge for the milk that is situated at the back of the church ( west end ) and the bread is on the top of the fridge. 

I have only heard of one couple who said the door was locked, but in fact it was just closed to and sometimes the wind gets into the porch and it appears to be closed but it is still unlocked.”