Bus Services and Up-to-Date Traffic Reports

Bus Services To and From Newbald

Nowadays bus services are few and far between for Newbald.

The bus service 143 runs once or twice a day three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) from Ferriby to Beverley (and vice versa) and stops in Brough, South Cave, Newbald and Walkington (as well as stops inbetween).

For full details on this service, visit this page.

To get up-to-date information on all bus services, please visit http://www.eyms.co.uk/ or call 01482 592929

Unfortunately, the Wicstun Express X4 which used to run from York through Newbald and on to Hull (and vice versa) has been removed from service due to a lack of regular passengers. This is a sad loss to the village but it was impossible for the bus company to keep this private service running, when it was making a loss in excess of £100 a day.

Community Bus Service

In 2019 Newbald Parish Council, along with Sancton Parish Council, negotiated with Beverley Community Lift to secure a new community bus service linking Newbald, Hotham and Sancton with Market Weighton. Further details about this service are available here.

Traffic Reports

To find up-to-date traffic reports on key roads in the region and nationwide, visit http://www.frixo.com. The data is updated every 5 minutes and is a very useful resource.