Wind Farms

There are 2 wind farms in very close proximity to Newbald. East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s decision to grant planning permission for them was not without its controversy. However to meet environmental targets, it was National Government policy to encourage as many turbines to be built as possible and the East Riding of Yorkshire is particularly well suited to this kind of development.

Sancton Hill Wind Farm.

The final Turbine was erected on 8th May 2012 and went live at the end of May 2012.

In 2014, a proposed extension to the wind farm was fought vociferously by local people including Sancton and Newbald Parish Councils. Residents were of the opinion that there were already enough turbines in the local area. In June 2015, the developers REG confirmed they were not progressing Sancton 2 to the planning application stage.

Sober Hill Wind Farm

Work commenced on site 24th February 2012. All imported stone/hardcore deliveries were completed end April 2012. The construction of the Sub-station & foundations commenced in May 2012,  each one took 5 weeks and then there was a 28 days curing period

The delivery of Turbines commenced October/November 2012 over a 6 week period during which erection was undertaken followed by a three weeks commission.

The project went online at the end of 2012.

In 2012, Sober Hill farm was featured on the BBC’s Countryfile , with the presenter taking a tour of one the turbines.

Community Benefit Funds

While wind farms may not be everybody’s favourite development, local communities do benefit financially when they are built.

Newbald lies within the benefit area for Sancton Hill Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund and all the charities in the village have benefited financially over the years since it went online. Details on the Sancton Hill Wind Farm Community benefit fund, which is managed by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, are available to view here.

While Sober Hill Wind Farm Ltd was not legally obligated to provide a community benefit fund, Newbald Parish Council managed to negotiate with the company and they agreed to provide an £24,600 index linked annual donation to the village. This fund exclusively benefits the parish of Newbald. Further details are available here.