Live Theatre and Spoken Word

Live Theatre and Spoken Word Events

We aim to present a variety of live events, including professional theatre and spoken word. Already confirmed are several events, including performers of national repute which will attract audiences from the immediate community and further afield.

Check this page regularly or follow us on facebook to ensure you are aware of new events as soon as they are announced.

Upcoming Shows are listed below – click each link for information and booking details:

Monday 29th July, 8.00pm
Harvey Greenfield is Running Late
(Special Edinburgh Fringe Preview)


Already a success at the Brighton and Swindon fringe festivals, award winning comedy writer/performer Paul Richards brings his ambitious new solo play, Harvey Greenfield is Running Late, to Newbald for an intimate performance before it heads to the Edinburgh Fringe for three weeks in August.
A frantic, comedic story about a man trying to please everyone. Meet Harvey Greenfield – a successful, bright, mid-thirty-something who just doesn’t have the ability to say no. In demand for the first time in his life, Harvey is running out of time… is it possible to please everyone, all of the time? And at what cost to his family and his health? Award-winning writer and performer Paul Richards explores our need to please, and why sometimes it’s healthy to just stop, sit in a shed, eat biscuits and pretend to be Meat Loaf. Read a couple of great reviews for the show below

“Richards seems to have comic energy to burn…he makes Lee Evans seem narcoleptic by comparison. The result is mostly laugh-out-loud, but punctuated with sorrow. Ingeniously written and powerfully performed.” – The Swindonian

“I began this year’s Fringe experience with this cracker. Paul told us early on that he had had a long drive to reach Barnstaple and had had three cans of Red Bull. I have no idea if this was true or part of the show, but if it was true, then I was surprised that it was only three cans (I reckon it was actually five minimum). Paul’s shows zing along with barely contained energy as his latest beautifully observed, socially awkward, well-meaning character crashes headlong towards disaster in what had to be the WORST DAY EVER.

Poor Harvey Greenfield – lovely, sweet, well-meaning chap who just can’t say no. To literally anyone.This habit, which endears him to all around him, from his partner to his boss, causes him nothing but anguish as he hares around trying to please everyone – all in spite of his girlfriend’s pleas and warnings.

Harvey’s life is a car crash waiting to happen and happen it does, in an ending that I half-expected, but really hoped he would avoid. Because no matter how manic, or frustrating or cringeworthy Richards’s characters are, you genuinely feel for them as they fumble, bewildered (mostly), through their lives. I wanted to sit Harvey down in a nice cafe and give him a strong cuppa and a pasty, frankly. And that is part of the joy of Richards’s performances (as well as wondering just how many words he can say in one minute!) In just a few short (awkward) minutes, he has you totally on-side. I hope that he will be back again next year and am looking forward to seeing what heart-wrenching poignancy will accompany the Red Bull in 2020…”
Tracey Norman – Author

Monday 29th July, Doors 7.00, start 8.00pm – licensed bar
Tickets only £6 from John: 07950 267913 or click here to book online (small booking fee applies)